Why I HAVEN’T been blogging…

Baby #4 Announcement WP

So is pregnancy really a reason to pause from blogging??

Probably not a good one, but here are a few of my “excuses”:

  • After daycare days spent with 7 kids age 5 and under I am spent!!  So, unless I have a HAVE TO in the evening I’m usually in bed, vegging’ as soon as the kids are asleep.
  • While I’ve still been SO blessed relative to morning sickness/nausea it has been worse with this little one then any of my previous pregnancies.  The result = no interest in trying new recipes, very little interest in tweaking/fine tuning current recipes, and an absolute repulsion of all things left-over.  Side note:  the leftover aversion has been a pain – left-overs are typically my go to lunch.
  • I don’t know about you all but when I’m pregnant all things lead back to baby in my head – craft ideas, stories, etc.  So until I felt comfortable talking about the baby I just choose to say nothing.  OR, said another way, I felt like I would be “hiding” a huge part of what’s going on/driving me currently.
  • Blogging is an outlet for me – something fun that gives me something to focus on.  It had felt like a chore early on, now I’m excited about it again.

Almost 15 weeks along now and the my energy is returning….I’m anticipating more blogging in the weeks to come!!  Apologies in advance that there might be a strong baby focus:)

Blue Skies and Blessings,