I choose RUNNING!! {Treadmill Cheat Sheet}

Lately I’ve been trying to own my decisions about how I spend my time.  I HATE feeling like time just slips by and all I’m doing is the same-old things.  Granted I have chores to do, errands to run, etc. but sometimes as an adult it feels like that is all there is – which kind of sucks!

So, 4-5 days a week since late March I choose to run instead.  For as long as it takes me to do the miles I have planned for that day I put the other stuff aside.  No more excuses, no more complaining about exercise.  I just do it!  And, it feels great {rewarding, awesome!!}

We did kick-start my re-entry into running by buying a treadmill.  While I prefer to run outside and try to at least two times each week, the treadmill allows me to sneak in a run whenever the opportunity presents itself.  Typically this is right before dinner OR after the kids are in bed during the school year (i.e. when I do daycare during the day) This summer I’ve occasionally gotten a run in during nap as well.

Now that the running habit has been established I’m trying to work on speed.  To facilitate this I created a treadmill cheat sheet so that I can quickly see what my mile per hour speed equates to as a mile pace. 

Treadmill Cheat SheetThis is getting laminated and stuck on my treadmill.  Feel free to print and use for your own training as well 🙂

I added the saying on the bottom after seeing it on Pinterest – love the sentiment!

I choose RUNNING!  For my mental sanity, my physical health, and to be part of a community of people focused on something good.

Blue skies & Blessings,