Hey there!  A sincere welcome from me, Lindsey – or Mama, Babe, Sis, Lindz, or Kid – depending on how you know me:)

July 4, 2012 – Little Man & Me

I am a LIST MAKER.  To the point of compulsion.  In fact, my world is FULL of lists – things to do, books to read, places to visit, future gifts… you get the picture.  If I had a million hours I’d do/see/read/cook all of them and then some.  But time is limited.  This blog is my way of documenting the items and tasks I have crossed off my (many, many) lists.  It is my way of recording and remembering the precious moments I’ve been given and prioritizing the moments that are ahead.  It represents my conscious decision to focus on creativity, cooking, crafting, home decorating and general loving of all things beautiful.  In our busy lives its easy to get weighed down and distracted by the everyday – dishes, work, bills, dishes, cleaning, kids’ activities, dishes:)   These everyday items can lead to everyday worries and stress that can be downright inhibiting (and dare I say pointless?)  My commitment to myself  is to focus on the fantastic and forget (or at least stop dwelling on) the mundane.

Unfortunately I don’t have a defined method in place for storing my many lists (or documenting completed items) so I end up with multiple ideas on random pieces of paper EVERYWHERE!  Perhaps this blog will be a repository for my lists as well – fixing (enabling?) the often-frequent problem of the “LOST LIST”!

Obviously I have to list some things about me – first and foremost as proof of my list-making tendencies:)  So, here we go…

I am:

  • MARRIED to my best friend, D.  He has worked hard to give me the life I wanted (aka home with my Trio:)  He is also an AMAZING dad!
  • The MOM (teacher, cook, chauffeur, laundress, entertainer, etc.) to three adorable, out-spoken, dancy-pants kids  – Miss Silly (5), Loodle (3) and Little Man (1).


  • An ARCHITECT by training and license – who left her career with the arrival of #3.
  • A CHILD-CARE PROVIDER by choice (and license:)
  • CRAFTY – when there’s a purpose.  I love projects but only when I know the “where and what for”.
  • A TV-JUNKY, but not a compulsive follower of any shows.  My favs – cooking, drama, almost anything British, and the occasional silly sitcom.
  • A CONNOISSEUR of expensive coffee drinks – the more sugar the better.
  • A NUMBER-CRUNCHER at heart.  I would say I’m better with numbers than words.  My husband, who’s in finance, would heartily disagree with this statement.
  • An aspiring children’s book AUTHOR (who hasn’t attempted to write any stories in a little over 6 months – whoops!)  I hope to illustrate my stories myself which is the real hang-up.
  • An INTROVERT– who on occasion longs to be an extrovert.  Although I got pretty good at faking extrovert-ness as an Architect.  I also make up my own words frequently – sometimes on purpose, often without knowing it:)
  • A DADDY’S GIRL.  I’m extremely close to my parents – as in we live next door to them.  We love it!  Yes, even my husband… he suggested it in the first place.
  • An avid COOK who is foiled by pretty picky eaters.  Two of three so far have rejected delicious foods they previously liked (and stuck to their guns) as soon as they turned 2.
  • A CARE-GIVER  through and through.  If money grew on trees and my husband was 100% on board I’d have more children in a heartbeat!  Instead I do daycare:)
  • A COLLECTOR of quotes.  A recent addiction, but one I’m feeding almost daily.
  • A CHRISTIAN who is continuously amazed at how many timeless life lessons can be found in the Bible.
  • Pretty WELL-TRAVELED – for a middle-class, mid-western girl.
  • MINNESOTAN (dontcha know).  I don’t have a Fargo accent or anything but its there AND I dig it!
  • An aspiring GIRLY-GIRL, although this is a recent “conversion”.  I detested (possibly not quite strong enough) the classic “girl things”  UNTIL I found out I was pregnant with Miss Silly.  Adding another girl (Loodle) 21 months later sealed the deal.
  • A wanna-be BAKER.  I prefer cooking but can’t help but get excited by all the cute and delicious looking treats I see people making.  So, I am trying to remedy this tendency towards all things savory by instituting a baking day with the kids each Friday.
  • A BUTCHER of song lyrics – I “tweak” songs to make-up on the go concerts for the kids.  Rarely on pitch, often ridiculous, definitely heart-felt renditions relating to our in-the-moment experience.
  • FRUGAL about most things.  D would only half-jokingly call me cheap.  I am a sucker for a good deal but can be over-zealous – as in worry too much about money, buy stuff I don’t love if its inexpensive, etc.  I’m striving to cut costs where we can without “feeling the pain.”

That’s me in a nutshell.  Thanks for stopping by and taking a look!

Now, as I’m often heard telling our kiddos, lets…

 Have fun and be silly!!

Blue Skies & Blessings,



2 thoughts on “About

  1. Anne says:

    If you love lists, and are looking for a way to keep things organized, you just might love Evernote.com. It’s a great way to store lists, drafts of blog posts, notes, clips of Internet articles, and all sorts of things. You can use the website and/or desktop/smartphone apps. I have a note that’s filled with random quotes. When someone says something funny or memorable, I add it to the note.

    Welcome to blogging!

    Anne (aka Your Favorite Cousin)

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