Lets Do This 2015!!


I’m more committed with a plan!!

Call it a resolution, goal, resolve, plan of action or whatever you like but the New Year always seems to make me focus on what’s next and how I can improve.

My biggest goal this year? To continue running!

After a LONG (think decade plus) pause I started running again last winter and ran consistently throughout the spring and summer.  I even did fairly well in a couple of local short distance races – 2 5Ks and a 4-mile. This was HUGE for me since I hadn’t run at all (not even for exercise really) since high school cross country. Having got “back in the saddle” I set my eyes on my first half-marathon EVER late August 2014.

I’m proud to say I ran that 13.1 but it was ROUGH!?! I made some rookie mistakes such as:

  • Last minute I decided to jump up a pace group (8 min. miles vs. 8:30). This killed me as I went out too fast and lost A LOT of steam before the halfway mark.
  • Not accounting for the weather – it was not too hot but really, really muggy. I think my race outfit could have been better planned.
  • I was to wrapped up in time/pace before the race. Obviously bettering pace could be something to think about after doing multiple races but for my first I should have kept my goals less lofty. Meaning, I got down on myself once I knew I wasn’t going to keep the pace I’d hoped for…which of course made me slow down even more. Running is as much a mental challenge as physical!
  • A huge one (and by far the dumbest!!) – I ran in wet shoes. Yep, that’s right. Miss Silly competed in the kids race the day before and I ran along with her.  It was pouring! AND I wore my good shoes. What was I thinking!! This led to some severe foot pain throughout the race that then translated into knee pain by about mile 8.

But I finished!!! And my brother, sister-in-law, niece, and parents got to cheer me in which was so fun. (D was home with the 4 kiddos unfortunately – we knew Baby Girl would have FREAKED out if I ran past her. Not at all fun for dad, mom, or baby!)

Unfortunately my feet took a beating and I lost some toenails (sorry for the TMI). It was pretty painful to run after that and my shoes were shot.

So, as I have a tendency to do, I let the couple weeks of recovery turn into a couple of months. Then my family had the December from hell – influenza, Baby Girl broke her leg, strep, etc. and running again got shoved to the end of the priority list as we scrambled to make the holidays festive and fun despite the chaos.

Things are going to change in 2015 though! Running keeps me sane, keeps me healthy, gives me a physical outlet, provides for the ability to compete, and all around makes me a happier person. Which of course translates into me being a better wife, mom, friend, and daycare provider!

I’ve got my race’s selected through June, the training plan is in place (WinterSpring2015HalfTrainingPlan), and the first 3 workouts are complete!

Lets Do This 2015!!

Blue Skies & Blessings, Lindsey