And so it begins…

My world is FULL of lists – things to do, books to read, places to visit, future gifts… you get the picture.  If I had a million hours I’d do/see/read/cook all of them and then some.  But time is short – 3 kiddos, family daycare business, etc. – so this blog is my way of documenting the items and tasks I have crossed off my lists.  Perhaps it will be a repository for my lists as well.

But I intend for it to be much more, at least to me.  It is my way of remembering the precious moments I’ve been given and prioritizing the moments that are ahead.  It represents my conscious decision to focus on creativity, cooking, crafting, home decorating and general loving of all things beautiful.  In our busy lives its easy to get weighed down and distracted by the everyday – dishes, work, bills, dishes, cleaning, kids’ activities, dishes:)   If your anything like me, these everyday items can lead to everyday worries and stress that can be downright inhibiting (and dare I say pointless).  So, my commitment to my self  is to focus on the fantastic and forget – or at least stop dwelling on – the mundane.  Or, as I am often heard telling my kiddos, my goal is to…

                            “Have fun and be silly!”

Thanks for stopping by!  Hope you enjoy.

Blue skies & Blessings,