1 + 1 = 6 {She’s here and she’s PERFECT!!}


Baby Girl – by far our “cheesiest” newborn – really, really needed that first bath:)

Eight years to the day of our “1+1” I had the privilege of telling D that we were expecting baby #4.  What an exciting anniversary gift, don’t you think?  Mid-November the little lady arrived and we couldn’t be happier.  She is our “last but not least” and we are enjoying this last opportunity to snuggle and smooch a newborn.

Baby Girl was 8 pounds 3 ounces.  Amazingly, this was the EXACT weight of her two older sisters.  The nurses and doctors said they’d never seen that many from one family born at exactly the same weight…I think the little lady is already trying to keep up with the Big Girls!


Hospital – Day 2

The delivery – planned, repeat cesarean – went better than anticipated.  Since this was my fourth c-section the doctors prepared us that there could be complications.  We were beyond fortunate that there were none – the surgery was quick and routine, I healed well and quickly.


Loodle LOVES her new baby sister!

The “big kids” all adore Baby Girl – in fact Miss Silly and Loodle have had their fair share of fights over who gets to hold her and for how long.  Little Man will come up to me and tell me “She want her Little Man” when he wants to give her a snuggle – so stinkin’ cute!

First COMPLETE family photo - Thanksgiving 2013

First COMPLETE family photo – Thanksgiving 2013

In all the busyness of bringing Baby Girl home from the hospital and maintaining as much routine as possible for the other kiddos we didn’t manage to get a family photo until Baby Girl was already 6 days old.  Oh well, I’ve come to realize that as a mother of 4 I’m going to have to except that sometimes my plans/expectations will be derailed…I did get a ton of cute photos of all four kids together before that though!

Its amazing with each subsequent baby how much more they are exposed to at a younger age.  With Miss Silly (i.e. baby #1) we were pretty much at home for the first few weeks.  With baby #4?  We were at a family get-together before she was a week old!  Baby Girl had the PERFECT outfit – got to love a little Turkey Tush, right??

Turkey Tush

Baby Girl – 6 days old

By three weeks, she’d already completed her first volunteer opportunity – ringing the Salvation  Army bell with her older sisters and me.  It was an inside location, of course!


I’m guessing one of the littlest bell ringers they’ve had!


In their Christmas jammies – Little Man (2), Loodle (4), Baby Girl (5 weeks), and Miss Silly (6).

Baby Girl is our Serious Baby – always seeming to ponder and study her surroundings.  She is also a “milk monster” according to her siblings.  Indeed, this little girl LOVES to eat.


I just can’t get enough of Baby Girl!

I am so lucky to be her mommy.

Blue Skies and Blessings,



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