A Minnesota Winter Dilemma

Ridiculously cold temperatures?  Check!

Super-bundled (and VERY tired) preschooler?  Check!

Mini-van ride with the heat cranked up?  Check!

So Sleepy

Carrying in a sleeping Little Man and having him not wake up AT.  ALL. {even when I bonked his head on the door frame – whoops!}: BEYOND CUTE!

He managed to sleep for 40 minutes like that.  Just screams comfy, huh?

Here’s my dilemma – over-bundle so that they don’t’ freeze on the walk to the van OR under-bundle so they don’t overheat on the road?  Of course on long trips under-bundling is the way to go but running errands around town with lots of in-and-outs – I lean towards over-bundling.  ESPECIALLY during one recent Polar Vortex – although admittedly I barely left the house on the days when it was stupid cold out!

Added to that dilemma is the sheer hassle that results from kids taking off hats and mittens between stops (and sometimes boots, ugh!) that results in additional time this momma has to spend standing in the cold putting the winter gear BACK ON.  I’m not one of those people who dislikes winter.  In fact I enjoy it for the most part even with the bitter cold but hauling 4 kiddos including an infant during the cold months?  Definitely not my favorite:)

Oh, and don’t even get me started on what the he*# kids can do with their mittens!  They’re the socks of winter, don’t you think?!?

Blue Skies & Blessings,




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