Me so {WHAT??} – The things kids say!

All of you know this guy:

Turned 2 in April

Now meet Little Man’s Buddy:

Yep, Mom's a dork...named his buddy after Tony the Tiger:)

Yep, Mom’s a dork…named his Buddy after Tony the Tiger:)

Only problem?

In Little Man’s vernacular:

“Tony” = “Horny” (Very distinct sound – including the R!)

“My” = “Me”

Imagine the giggles this provides for mommy pre-bedtime when he is soulfully calling for his Buddy:

“Me Horny! Me Horny!”


“Me Horny – where is you?”


“Oh NOO!! Me Horny!”

THANKFULLY,  Me Horny doesn’t leave the house:)

Blue Skies and Blessings,


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