Little Man’s Going Metro!

OK, actually not but…

The GOOD news

I found Little Man attempting to brush his own hair this morning.

If you know my kiddos you know that while the girls are particular about their clothes (not always fashionable – by any means – but ALWAYS particular) not one of them cares a lot about tidiness, personal hygiene, or being clean.  For example, Miss Silly, when told she had food on her face before church this morning, told me she was “saving it for later”.  This was AFTER insisting that she wear a pair of my earrings because “they coordinate better with my dress”.

Ok, obviously eating fudgsicles leads to messy kids BUT my three insisted that they play after (messy hands and faces) BEFORE getting cleaned up:)

The BAD news

Little Man was using the cats water dish to wet his hair brush.

Small steps and good intentions, right?

Blue Skies and Blessings,


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