Little Miss “NO” Naps

Someone over at this house has been refusing naps lately.  While I’ve enjoyed the longer night time sleeps (she’s usually up at 6 am sharp!) it has left this mama with less time to blog.  Although, to be honest, there have been other things going on – mostly my own laziness/procrastination:)

SOMETIMES though little Loodle can’t help but sleep – and apparently unlike others who doze on the couch or something – she prefers the floor!

Miss No Naps Collage FINAL

Another funny thing?  This is TWO separate occasions with the SAME outfit.  She L-O-V-E-S this Tigger shirt which I originally bought for Little Man, then realized she was the only one of the three not getting something new so let her confiscate.  She says she’s part of the “Tigger Team” – and proceeds to bounce around.  Maybe all that bouncing is why this outfit accompanies the floor naps???

The girls are great sleepers so rarely do I go into their room after bedtime.  I have to say I like getting this glimpse at a sleeping Loodle.  Is there anything cuter then sleeping kiddos?!?

Thanks for taking a look.

Blue Skies and Blessings,



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