{Frugally} Fighting FRUMP: Diet & Nutrition Week #3: Healthy Snacking

Fighting Frump #3

My PERSONAL CHALLENGE for 2013??  Fighting Frump – on a  limited budget, of course!  You can read more about why HERE.

JANUARY – Diet & Nutrition

Week #3 – “Healthy Snacking”

(or “Snacks – Not Just for the Kiddos!”)

So, this weeks goal – figure out healthy snacks that work for me!

Some random thoughts about snacking:

  • Any snacks I have need to be something I enjoy.  Life is too short to eat stuff I don’t like!  Turkey lettuce roll-up might be a healthy choice – and something I’d choose for a meal – but it does not appeal to me as a quick bite:)
  • Snacks should be relatively small.  In my teens and twenties I could snack something fierce without putting on weight.   Not so much now!  So, any snack for me needs to be in that 100-150 calorie range.
  • Mindful snacking between breakfast/lunch and lunch/dinner helps me make better food choices at the next meal.  If I am overly hungry I have a tendency to DEVOUR my meals.  A small snack between allows me to approach my meals with less gusto (i.e. less pigging out:)
  • I’m not overly concerned with fat content.  I’ve found in the past that for me its all about quantity/calories and not as much fat-content.   So, we don’t buy light anything…I just use less of the high fat stuff.
  • Any snack has to be easy to prepare.  While I’d love smoothies and such my daycare days don’t allow me the time to make anything elaborate.  I could of course make them at other times BUT I’m trying to avoid working all day and then spending all night prepping for the next day:)

Some frugal snacking prerequisites:

  • No 100-calorie snack packs…they are too expensive, waste packaging, etc.
  • Any snack food needs to be something I can buy in bulk OR on sale.  Our food budget is pretty tight so buying snacks is second priority.  Buying in bulk or on sale helps lessen this burden.
  • The quantity has to be decent.  I am SO not the type that’s satisfied with one of anything little:)  So, any snack that fits into my rotation needs to allow more then two or three bites.  (I saw one list of snack recommendations that said something like one cracker with jelly.  COME ON – who is satisfied with a snack that consists of ONE cracker?  Maybe I should be, but its just not going to happen!)

Some of my current go-to options:

  • Almonds – 1/4 cup
  • Carrots & Celery sticks – with some salt (LOVE)
  • Generic Triscuits – I really like the Target brand.
  • Dried cranberries – 1/4 cup
  • Yogurt – 6-8 ounces

Second, an update on Week #2 – Vitamins & Supplement:

After some research I opted to proceed with what was outlined in this Woman’s Day article.  It mirrored what I read on other websites AND wasn’t over-the-top in quantity.  A must for this frugal mama!

So, moving forward I’ll take the following daily:

I already had the Prenatal and Vitamin C.  I purchased the Fish Oil and Calcium (with Vitamin D) at Sam’s Club for about $20.  Both will last for an entire year.  Not a bad investment I’d say!!

The only problem?  Opening all those containers each day is a hassle.  So – feeding my current bin obsession – I bought a pill storage option at Target:)

Pill Storage Solution

I also moved my vitamins to the same storage area as my kids vitamins/medicine.  This helped me remember to take them – although other issues caused us to forget everyone’s stuff twice this week!  Still a work in progress for sure:)

What about Week #1 – “Reduce Consumption”?

On okay week – but definitely could have been better about Portion Sizes, as my Food Journal – Week #2 shows:

Accountability? Kind-of embarrassing BUT also motivating. Just think what I’d have eaten if I hadn’t planned to post:)

I’m starting to  recognize the situations where I tend to overeat – i.e. when I’m stressed or when I’m celebrating.  We had both this week which led to poor food choices a couple days.  But, onward in this journey!  Half the battle, in my opinion, is recognizing your areas of weakness so you can handle them better in the future.

As far as the other items (i.e. LIMIT evening snacks/NO pop, MORE water/STOP feeling “first world” guilt over our food waste/  STOP nibbling)??  I ROCKED them (for the most part.)  A little immodest, but I’m proud of myself – especially about the pop drinking (or lack thereof!!)

I’ll continue to post about other things this week but will be back next weekend for an update on the {Frugally} Fighting Frump Challenge.  I’ll let you know how I did this week AND talk about next week’s “Diet & Nutrition” focus area – “Portion Control – Some Tips & Tricks.”  While I didn’t always do well this week I do have some fun ideas to share.

Thanks for taking a look!

Blue Skies & Blessings,


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