{Frugally} Fighting FRUMP: Diet & Nutrition Week #2: Vitamins & Supplements

Fighting Frump Week 2

My PERSONAL CHALLENGE for 2013??  Fighting Frump – on a  limited budget, of course!  You can read more about why HERE.

JANUARY – Diet & Nutrition

Week #2 – “Vitamins & Supplements”

(or “My Adventures in Pill Popping”)

First, an update on Week #1 – “Reduce Consumption”

Great start to this little project of mine!  The feedback from everyone has been spectacular and VERY motivating.

A couple things I should have mentioned last week:

  • I am NOT INTERESTED in dieting in the sense of changing my families meals, eating all light/no-fat foods, etc.  I won’t be buying non-fat anything nor will I be drastically changing our family meals.  I personally believe you can eat anything and maintain a proper weight as long as you eat it in moderation and appropriate portions.
  • I will be weighing myself ONLY ONCE A WEEK.  Any more and I get obsessive about it – NOT the point!
  • My GAUGE OF SUCCESS is a pair of Old Navy trouser jeans I bought last summer.  I LOVE the way they look – they’re my date night jeans.   But the current fit doesn’t really scream “dressing up for my man”:)  I will try these on each week at my “weigh in”.
  • I’ve not forgotten about EXERCISE.  I’m working on getting into a routine and will discuss more in future posts…but baby steps for now!


  • LIMIT Evening Snacks:  Did well on this one, although no crocheting so far during TV time (just laundry folding – still keeping my hands busy though:)
  • NO pop, MORE water:  No pop so far!  I still struggle to drink water consistently.  I’m trying to drink water with each meal or snack to get me to my goal.  I have been having raspberry Klarbrunn occasionally – this girl likes her carbonation!
  • Food Journal:  I’m reading Made to Crave by Lysa TerKeurst.  She talks about accountability in the process of getting fit.  Since I don’t have any desire to chat about my food intake with a close friend on a daily basis, I’ve decided to use this blog as my form of accountability.  I’ll post my food journal each week starting next week.  Not really expecting anyone to read it but it will be there which means it will be motivating for me (who wants her readers to see “4 servings of Fruit Loops”?  Not this girl:)  My planner got way too messy with my food journaling – and I’m kind-of obsessed with creating printables – so I made my own.  You can take a look (Food Journal – If I Had a Million Hours…) – if you could make use of it please feel free to print or save!
  • STOP feeling “first world” guilt over our food waste:  A struggle…I haven’t eaten off my kids plates and have been giving them less.  But with kids I never know how much they’ll eat so food does get wasted – just not in the form of wasted calories for me.
  • STOP nibbling:  The gum trick worked.  The only time I caught myself nibbling – without even thinking about it?!? – was when I didn’t have gum in.
  • Portion CONTROL:  Pretty good at this so far.  Another thing I need to measure though – chips!  We don’t eat them all that often but when we do I can easily eat WAY MORE then is appropriate.

Week #2 – “Vitamins & Supplements”

I am not a good vitamin taker, nor do I take any supplements.  Before and during pregnancies I was awesome about taking my pre-natal vitamins.  But since finishing nursing Little Man I’ve kind of fallen off the vitamin wagon.  Since we haven’t completely ruled out a #4 I’ve decided I need to be consistent in taking a pre-natal vitamin.  Folic Acid is such an easy thing to do for our babies!!  What better way to remind me to take them then moving them into the same spot as my kids vitamins and medicine.  Because like many mamas I’m sure, I ALWAYS remember their stuff…its just my own stuff that gets forgotten.

I do think there could be value in adding vitamins and/or supplements to my diet.  Especially since I KNOW I don’t always eat as well-rounded diet as I should.  The only thing stopping me?  I don’t really know what I should be taking.

So, my Vitamins & Supplements ACTION PLAN for the week:

  • STORE my vitamins with the kids vitamins – and TAKE THEM at the same time as they do (or I’ll forget to do it later:)
  • RESEARCH vitamins and/or supplements appropriate for my age, gender, diet, activity level, etc.
  • PURCHASE any vitamins I decide to incorporate into my healthy living plan.

So, what about you – any vitamins or supplements you swear by?  If so, why?

How about resources – any books, websites, etc. that you would recommend I checkout?  I almost impulse bought a book at Shopko the other night but at $15 – with no time to peruse with the girlies in tow – this didn’t seem like the frugal option.

I’ll continue to post about other things this week but will be back next weekend for an update on the {Frugally} Fighting Frump Challenge.  I’ll let you know how I did this week AND talk about next week’s “Diet & Nutrition” focus area – “Healthy Snacking.”

Thanks for taking a look!

Blue Skies & Blessings,


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6 thoughts on “{Frugally} Fighting FRUMP: Diet & Nutrition Week #2: Vitamins & Supplements

  1. Excerpts of Awkwardness says:

    I’ve always been awful about taking my vitamins, but I’ve started leaving them by the bathroom sink and making it part of my routine to take them. Now it’s on autopilot instead of having to think about it and remind myself to take it.

    I don’t know if you have a smart phone or iPad or something similar, but I’ve found that having a weight tracker app is really helpful. I’d still be using True Weight if I had an iPhone, since it sort of averages out your weigh ins; even if the data points on my graph were all over the place, I could see that the average trend was down, and that was really encouraging. Good luck!

  2. Bitsofmoxy says:

    Good for you! I stumbled on to this post due to a link party.
    You sound like you are on a great track to eat healthier, and I agree, you should be able to eat what you want, just portion control. And your comment on the “first world guilt” – Thank you. I needed to read that for me.
    As for vitamins, I to keep them in the bathroom, after brushing my teeth, pop them and wash down with water. My staple is SAMe. Its a natural mood enhancer. Helps me keep the blues down, gives a small energy boost and it helps the joints.

    • Lindsey @ If I had a million hours... says:

      Thanks for stopping by! I appreciate the recommendation on SAMe – I’ll look into it:) Just yesterday the “first world guilt” got me again…made some frozen cookie dough for the first time, they turned out pretty bad, and I still ate one more right before I threw them away. Not because they were good, but because I felt bad tossing them. UGGHH! But, small steps right? I did pitch most of them instead of forcing the kids and myself to eat them. Have a great week!!

  3. navywifeypeters says:

    Hey! Thanks for sharing this @ Submarine Sunday! I am also “fighting frump.” Like you, I plan to drink more water and watch my portions. The only vitamins I take are pre-natals. My husband and I plan on trying for another baby when he returns from this deployment. I’m not really looking into any other vitamins at the moment. I have a couple friends who swear by pro-biotics. I started exercising today. I want to go for walks regularly. Yes it’s winter, but I live in Southern GA just minutes away from the FL state line, so it’s not really winter here. lol

    T’onna @ Navy Wifey Peters Aboard the USS Crafty

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