{Frugally} Fighting FRUMP: Diet & Nutrition Week #1: Reduce Consumption

Fighting Frump cover

My PERSONAL CHALLENGE for 2013??  Fighting Frump – on a  limited budget, of course!  You can read more about why HERE.

JANUARY – Diet & Nutrition

Week #1 – “Reduce Consumption”

(or “Stop Eating Every Darn Thing I Want!”)

Why “Diet & Nutrition” first?  Because I tend to let all areas of myself go when I’m not taking proper care of myself nutritionally.  So, in order for me to feel inspired to change the outside I feel it is first important to change/modify whats going in!

Am I talking weight loss?  Kind-of… I don’t really care about the number on the scale.  I personally can get a little obsessed with it plus there is always such variation throughout the month.  What I do care about is losing some of the “extra” I’ve allowed to creep on since about October.  In order to be frugal about fighting frump I need to be able to wear some of the cute clothes I already own.  Some of these don’t fit so comfortably right now.  Since I can’t (and won’t!) buy all new clothes the only viable option?  Tone and trim up.

A little back story…

After Little Man was born in April of 2011 I did pretty well getting the pregnancy weight off.  I started doing daycare that fall and – because I wasn’t focusing on it – the “extra” snuck back on.  Last January I made the decision to lose some weight and had A LOT of success counting calories for about 6 months.  But counting calories – for me – is not a sustainable thing.  Its tedious and made me a little obsessed.

So this time…

I’m opting to make lifestyle changes that are all about changing my relationship with food.  Here are the big items/areas on my REDUCE CONSUMPTION hit-list:

  • LIMIT Evening Snacks:  Except during pregnancies I rarely eat after dinner because I’m truly hungry.  Its fun to have popcorn on movie night or some ice cream with the kids every once in a while.  Whats not fun or healthy?  Eating a ridiculously large quantity of {insert junk food of choice} just because or without even thinking about it.  I’m worst when I’m watching TV…so I plan to take up crochetting again while I watch.  Its relatively easy, doesn’t take much concentration AND the girls would love some funky scarves.  Win, win all around.
  • NO pop, MORE water:  I am a pop addict.  PERIOD.  Its not healthy and damages my teeth.  I thought about saying cut down – and that might be where I end up eventually – but for remainder of the month its cold-turkey for the Diet Dr. Pepper fanatic.  I’ll replace it with water which I’ve never been good about drinking in any decent quantity.  I’m shooting low for now…4 glasses a day (about 12 oz. each).
  • Food Journal:  I said no calorie counting – and I’m not going to.  But I do find that recording what I eat helps me a) watch portion sizes and b) be conscious about what I’m consuming.  No one I know feels good writing “5 handfuls of Cool Ranch Doritos” or “Stupid quantities of Christmas M&Ms” in their journal.
  • STOP feeling “first world” guilt over our food waste:  I have huge problems with food waste!  I hate the idea of it and that its so prevalent in this country.  But here’s the thing – which I logically know – my scarfing down my kid’s leftover PB&J(s) or the little bit of dinner left in the pan after a meal is not going to help anyone.  Yes, there are starving people in this world.  Yes, I need to make sure we are not making more food then what we need for each meal (or for left-overs – our typical lunches).  But, if there is extra I don’t need to feel compelled to shove it in.  In fact, I think I’m more likely to volunteer my time and give of our resources to causes that help fight hunger when I DON’T feel frumpy.
  • STOP nibbling:  Pick, pick, pick…another bad habit.  I spend A LOT of my time in the kitchen between food prep and dishes and I tend to eat little bits of stuff all day without even thinking about it OR enjoying it.  The solution I’m going to try?  Chewing gum while I go about my kitchen duties.  I’m hoping the kids snacks won’t be so appealing with a mouth full of oh so minty gum:)
  • Portion CONTROL:  I have a decent handle on what are appropriate portion sizes based on my calorie counting experience last year.  Don’t know about portion sizes?  Try measuring stuff out for a week.  It is CRAZY.  I ran into some foods where the portion sizes are ridiculously unrealistic – like 2 small crackers.  Really??  Anyway, there are a few high-calorie items that I will be measuring out because I use them frequently and the calories can quickly add up if I’m not careful.  For me these include coffee creamer, nuts, peanut butter, and salad dressing.

So, what about you?  Any situations that cause you to over-eat or eat without thinking about it?

Any advice – tips, tricks, etc. – pertaining to my problem areas would be much appreciated!

I’ll continue to post about other things this week but will be back next weekend for an update on the {Frugally} Fighting Frump Challenge.  I’ll let you know how I did this week AND talk about next week’s “Diet & Nutrition” focus area.

Thanks for taking a look!

Blue Skies & Blessings,


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24 thoughts on “{Frugally} Fighting FRUMP: Diet & Nutrition Week #1: Reduce Consumption

  1. Excerpts of Awkwardness says:

    I knit whenever I watch tv, and it’s helped so much with mindless snacking! And then I get to feel productive after watching my favorite shows, which used to make me feel like I’d wasted time. Good luck! It’s hard to make changes, but if you can get them to stick they can make a huge difference.

    • Lindsey @ If I had a million hours... says:

      Thanks for the encouragement! I can do basic knitting but am not good at it and can’t do that and actually watch a show at the same time…I’d miss all the plot twists:) I agree that keeping my hands busy makes me feel less guilty about vegging out in front of the TV!

  2. Denise @ My House, My Rules says:

    Good luck! I had a goal to lose 13 pounds this year… I set the goal before the holidays and then somehow gained 6 more pounds (I blame too much candy and holiday parties at Chinese buffets). So now my goal is to lose 19 pounds in 2013. Cutting back on how much I eat is step #1 for me. Plus I need to get more exercise.

  3. Christine says:

    I recently read that the liver needs at least 4 hours between meals to rest . That at least keeps me from mindlessly snacking and my body seems happier when I do that. And, I just got myself a vintage plug in coffee pot (yay!) which I use to warm water for tea. Now, no more coffee all day long, I switch to herbal tea in the afternoon so I can up my water intake. I haven’t lost any real weight yet but at least I can manage that sneaky, slow creep that happens at this time of year!

    • Lindsey @ If I had a million hours... says:

      My husbands been trying to get me to drink tea. The problem? The only way I like it is with cream and sugar:) The “sneaky, slow creep” is always what gets me…all of a sudden it seems my night out jeans are not so flattering! Thanks for taking a look and commenting.

  4. mydayscancount says:

    I lost about 30 pounds about 18 months ago. I am not a big snacker but I love sweet tea and will drink it non stop. I also love our evening meal and will go for 2 rounds. I found that letting myself have a glass of sweet tea with dinner and using the kid size plate kept me from over doing it and it is really about the little steps.. no giant leaps just little changes.. awesome job!

  5. craftysixBree says:

    I too struggle with this… especially the sort of mindless picking/eating while making meals. Right now I really need to lose a considerable amount of weight to help me with my running/race training. So for now I’m using spark people (a free website) to help me count calories. I’ve got the free app on my phone & it’s really helping. Although I HATE HATE counting calories. It is tedious but I’m realizing that’s the step I need to take for right now.

  6. jen@noting Grace says:

    In the same boat! I know how hard it is to put it all out ‘there’ for everyone to see, but I applaud you! I think it will be a good accountability measure for you. Best of luck to you and hopefully we can encourage each other when those temptations arise.

    Best to you,
    Jen @ Noting Grace

  7. Gabbi says:

    Good luck!! I think you set some amazing parameters, and I am actually starting a few of the sames ones myself right now. No more soda (I loooove ginger ale), and no more eating after dinner. Like you said, it’s never because I’m hungry…so I need to fight off the urges to down some sweets while catching up on our DVR’ed shows.

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