{Frugally} Fighting FRUMP – A 2013 Personal Challenge

Fighting Frump cover

While I don’t typically make resolutions with the start of a new year I DO like setting goals, recording hopes, and (re)looking at what we’re doing and how we can change our habits and routines for the betterment of our family.

I also like to give myself the occasional personal challenge – things that stretch my comfort level.  Challenges that make me nervous even though I know (or assume) they will be rewarding.  Starting a blog was one of those personal challenges.


Fighting Frump – on a  limited budget, of course!

frump  (frmp)*  n.

1. A girl or woman regarded as dull, plain, or unfashionable.

2. A person regarded as colorless and primly sedate.

Am I overly frumpy?  Not yet, in my opinion.  But I could be heading there…

Doing daycare from home doesn’t lend itself to paying a whole lot of attention to fashion and my appearance.  In fact, it probably has the opposite effect – i.e. causing me to care less.  When you end your day covered in the snot and drool of other people’s children (not to mention the pee and poop – yep, it happens and with frequency:) what you wear  and how your hair and make-up look doesn’t top your priority list.  At least not for this “daycare mom”.

My work “wardrobe” consists of jeans (every day) and any shirt that’s clean and is easily laundered.  I do put on make-up – but always the same.  My hair?  Usually in a ponytail or sloppy bun.

And I’m okay with that for daycare.  The problem arises when I go out in the evening (to dance class with the girls, church stuff, etc.) or on weekends and I’m still wearing the same clothes, make-up, and hairdo.

I feel not-put-together (that’s a term, right?) – like I’m prioritizing myself last.  And, truth be told, I am!

So, my challenge – to end the year less “frumpy” then I am now.

Do I have specific parameters with which to judge my frumpiness?  Nope – in my opinion each woman needs to decide for herself what she considers “too frumpy.”

Will I just be dealing with the physical appearance side of things?  Nope again.  I actually think being/feeling frumpy can stem from a frumpy disposition.  So I plan to address what I would call intellectual and mental frumpiness as well.

How will these posts be set-up?  I’m sure it will evolve as I go.  For now the plan is to highlight an area in which I want to {Frugally} Fight Frump each month with updates and a focus area each week.

The schedule (so far):

  • January – Diet & Nutrition
  • February – Skin Care
  • March – Hair
  • April – Make-up

Is that the whole story?  Not really…I’ve never been fashionable.  Out of fashion?  Hopefully not (except of course my “alternative” high school/early college years:)  In fashion?  No way!  And again, I’m okay with that.  Truth be told, I will NEVER be the fashionista mommy and I don’t really want to be.  But, I also don’t want to look back at  family photos with regret that I “had let myself go” nor do I want to be dissatisfied with the image I’m projecting.  Because as much as the idea bothered me as a teenager, how I present myself DOES matter.  What I convey to others about my self-image IS important.  And, last but not least, my feelings about how I look DOES impact how I feel about myself.  I know that when I feel frumpy it effects not just my outside appearance…I am grumpier, less satisfied, and more harsh/critical of myself.

Why blog about this personal challenge?  First, accountability to myself.  I’ve set a schedule and that’s half the battle! Second, to maintain forward progress.  I already now what I’ll be tackling – at least in big picture terms – its listed above.  Third, because I think that there  is no shame in asking for help, motivation, and encouragement – from friends, family, and readers.  And finally, because I want to:)

I hope you’ll join me on my journey of {Frugally} Fighting Frump – I plan to offer tips, tricks, musings, failures, set-backs, goals reached (and missed), and even some reviews.  For those of you who have completely defeated frump – I hope you can help me along the way (and probably get a few laughs at my fails… remember, I’m a tomboy – this stuff doesn’t come naturally for me!)  For any fellow “Frump Fighters” – why not take the challenge with me?

Thanks for taking a look.  I’ll be back tomorrow with the “first installment” on Diet & Nutrition.  Because there is of course truth in the old adage, “You are what you eat.”  Eat like crap and you are guaranteed to feel frumpy – whether you’re thinner then you’d like, the perfect weight, or have some pounds to lose.

Blue Skies & Blessings,


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