Christmas Funnies 2012

Random Holiday {Photo} Cuteness

Random Holiday {Photo} Cuteness

I’ve always enjoyed Christmas.  But this year, with two kids that are fully talking and another on his way…its been H-I-L-A-R-I-O-U-S!!!

I thought I’d share the funnies, hopefully they “translate” when written:

Santa’s Littlest Helper


Ringing the Salvation Army bell – Dec. 22nd

Loodle (3) – {big doe eyes, lip pout} : “Mommy, I don’t know the way to the North Pole and I want to be Santa’s elf.”

Me {trying not to giggle}: “Hon, you have to be older to be Santa’s elf so don’t worry about it!”

Ms. Claus wouldn’t like this Santa behavior…

Loodle (3): “Mom, I need to wear my Santa jammies on Christmas.”

Me: “Why babe?” (She’s got a couple of pairs of Christmas PJs.  I was interested in why those ones in particular.)

Loodle: “Because Santa comes in my room to look at me and he’d like it if we were matching.”

Me: “I don’t think he goes in your room.”

Loodle: “He DOES Mom…I hear his Ho-ho-ho(s)”

I guess Loodle’s Santa is kind of a creep.  Not my choice for Santa but she’s a little young to discuss why an old man watching young kids sleeping is not quite right, don’t you think?

The Santa PJs - pretty cute, huh?

The Santa PJs – pretty cute, huh?

Christmas Letter Remorse

Miss Silly and I went on an “errand date” – i.e. she comes with me while I do necessary errands.  I call it a “date” and she’s by herself with Mom which makes it a treat.

We’d gone to Target to pick out gifts for her cousins.  Miss Silly didn’t handle it well because we found something REALLY COOL and then she couldn’t have it.  We’re working on the concept of generosity but it can be hard and she was tired.  Anyway, after that “set back” (major tears, some minor mommy threats:) we decided to stop by the pet store to look at some cute kitties to have some “errand date” fun.

AND WE RAN INTO SANTA!  The poor little lass was unprepared for this momentous, spur-of-the-moment run-in.

Now, Miss Silly is FIVE.  She’s not really afraid of Santa anymore.  What she is afraid of???  Not knowing for sure if what she put on her letter to Santa was truly what her little heart desired.

So she WOULD. NOT. TALK!  Even with some Santa cajoling she was mute.  I don’t think she even looked him in the eye – she pretty much looked everywhere but at him!

Me, being the awesome butting-in Mom that I am, went on to tell Santa what was on her list.  We tell the kids that they can’t be greedy and ask for too much because Santa’s got a LOT of kids to visit, so there is only a couple of things each year.  This year it was “a big doll with black, tan, or blond hair” (think American Girl but cheaper:) and a pair of slippers.   And that’s what I told Santa.

I thought my summary of her list was pretty good UNTIL we walked away from Santa and the waterworks started.

The problem?  Miss Silly was convinced that she had said MAYBE she wanted a big doll in her letter and I told Santa she WANTED a big doll.  She thought I’d limited Santa’s options because “what if I really don’t want a big doll!!”

The solution?  After a wee bit of hysterics I convinced her that Santa KNOWS what would make her happy so she didn’t have to worry.  If she really wouldn’t be happy with a big doll then Santa wouldn’t bring it.

We looked at some kitties but she was still pretty  upset.  On the drive home I reminded her that I had actually said to Santa that “she thinks she wants a big doll” and that “thinks she wants” is pretty much the same as “maybe wants”.  She seemed more convinced with that answer.

Moral of the story?  Like mother, like daughter.  I’m the type that orders at a restaurant and immediately thinks I should have ordered something else/that other thing I’d been eying.  I call it “Ordering Remorse”.  Miss Silly obviously suffers from the same “problem” – hers just manifests as “Christmas Wish List Remorse”!!


She got “The Doll” – Santa just knew it was what she wanted:)

Christmas is CANCELLED

The week before Christmas we got sick.  Not just a little sick, mind you, but the “Mom had to change her shirt 7 times in ONE DAY” sort of sick.  I was spared – the three kids not so much.

Me {trying to look on the bright side}:  “At least we won’t be sick for Christmas!”

Loodle (3): “Because we’d have to cancel Christmas, right Mom?”

Me:  “Oh, we wouldn’t cancel Christmas honey.”

Loodle: “Yeah, cuz we don’t know how.”

Very true – I would not know how to cancel Christmas even though OF COURSE if this family was sick it should be, right?  The 3-year-old perspective cracks me up.  Who cares about all the other people who celebrate, huh?

Those Silly Houses

I tend to tune out the girls when driving.  Not only do I need to focus on the road, of course, but they chat pretty constantly (non-stop?) so its kind of a break.

But when I do listen there are some interesting conversations.  Over the Christmas season there has been a ton of screachy giggling and comments such as these:

  • “Look at that hairy house.” (giggle, giggle)
  • “Yeah – its got yellow hair all over it!!” (giggle, giggle)
  • “Ewww!  That house is REALLY hairy.” (guffaw, belly laugh!)

Figured it out???  Houses with dangly Christmas lights, of course.

It makes me laugh that one kid thought of it.  It makes me laugh harder that BOTH bought into this imagery:)

There’s No Rest for the Weary

We sing Christmas carol – and by “sing” I mean “belt out” Christmas carols.  From Thanksgiving until Christmas there are carols and Christmas music on constantly.

You’d think a bathroom break would be a time to pause from the festivities, right?  NOPE – not around here!

For future embarrassment sake I won’t say who (and really it could be either of the girls) but one little lady has been singing “Away in the Manager” at a ridiculously loud volume ONLY IN THE BATHROOM.

Always the same carol, always the same loud volume – odd, yet simply adorable!

Random Holiday Cuteness

    • “Christmas is all about FRIENDS,  not PRESENTS – right Mom?”  (Obviously one of the lessons we’ve been preaching over here:)
    • “There’s snow because of snow boots, right Mom?”  (Big Snow Boot has been tampering with the weather in order to increase 2012 sales – or at least that’s how I’d interpret her comment!)

Phew – there was more stories than I thought!  Perhaps the only people still reading will be my parents (hi guys!!).  If not, I hope you enjoyed some of our Christmas funnies.  I can’t wait to see what next year brings.

Can you believe its almost 2013???

Blue Skies and Blessings,




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