Little Man’s gettin’ “Risky”

Little Man's Gettin' Risky

“Risky Business” that is!!!

If you somehow don’t know the reference you can see it below.

Already know the reference?  Refresh your memory – because I say so, not because you want to – wink, wink:)

We had family pictures last weekend and they were a complete FAIL!

The blue shirt was purchased for the occasion though.  A pre-pajamas try-on was required and this was the super cute result.  The Risky Business-look made me giggle…multiple times in fact.

Littli Man on Chair

After snapping the pics I decided to watch the video and some things stood out.  The biggest?

My son & Tom Cruise as JOEL in this scene have a lot in common.

They both:

  • Can’t stay off the coffee table.
  • Have signature dance moves that – in this house at least – are known as “fast feet” and “tush shake”
  • Love to jump on couches!  (Tom Cruise’s future couch-jumping incident aside:)
  • Use furniture for temper tantrums (or tantrum-like body convulsions.)
  • Like to throw things.

After all the whiskey shown at the beginning of the scene, assuming Joel was as obsessed with Bob the Builder as Little Man (and as indiscriminant about if a toy actually looks like Bob), he’d have rocked this sort of squinty-eyed excitement too.  Don’t you think??

Little Man & Bob

Blue Skies, an 80’s movie reference SURPRISE,  & Blessings,


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