Rainbow Birthday Cake(s)

Miss Silly turned 5 at the beginning of October – it was a BIG deal for her (and me:) because it was her first “friends party”.  It was soo fun for her to have other little girls attend for the first time – especially since they made A Rainbow of Tutus!  How cute is that??  (Miss Yellow was sick – poor thing:( )

For the cake I had been really indecisive.  There are so many GORGEOUS. DELICIOUS, & ADORABLE variations  of the “Rainbow Cake” – in layers, in jars, etc.  BUT, I wanted to surprise Miss Silly which ruled out any time intensive baking.  Also, the little miss couldn’t decide on flavor for her cake – strawberry or chocolate?  I decided to roll with the indecisiveness and make TWO cakes…they became the “clouds”.

Rainbow cakes

I used simple box cakes baked in glass bowls and then did a crumb coat with vanilla frosting.  To get the cloud look I resorted to the canned (??) frosting from the store.  I was uncertain about my ability to create a “fluffy” appearance and knew I wouldn’t have time for a redo.  Since I was applying the frosting 15 minutes before the party started I’d say this short-cut was a good choice:)

I “connected” the clouds with a rainbow, of course!!  The rainbow was made using scrapbook paper.  $5 for the book – which was used for other party decorations and I still have some – can’t beat that!!  I free-handed (is that a word?) the arches (1/2 of the rainbow per sheet) and adhered the rainbow to cardboard with “legs” that were pushed into the cake.  To cover the center seam between the two halves of the rainbow I created the cloud and added the “5”.

I was planning to post a full wrap-up of her party but keep getting sucked into all these holiday crafts – between Halloween, Thanksgiving, and Christmas there’s SO MUCH fun stuff to make October – December, right?  I think I might have to settle for these individual posts:)  Feel free to check out the Rainbow Cocktails too!  They were the surprise hit of the party.

Thanks for taking a look!

Blue Skies and Blessings,


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5 thoughts on “Rainbow Birthday Cake(s)

  1. Toni says:

    Super cute, and such a nice surprise that you made the 2 sides different flavors! I just made a similar cake for my daughter’s 3rd My Little Pony birthday, but I wasn’t smart enough to make the rainbow out of paper instead of icing. (major duh moment)

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