It’s all in the name of SCIENCE (“For real!”)

The setting:  Yesterday during naptime in the kitchen – just Miss Silly, Cowboy (8 weeks) and me.  I was doing dishes (imagine!)

The conversation:

Miss Silly (5) – “Can I have one of EACH marshmallow and chocolate chip that we have?”

Me {quizzical look}:  “We just ate lunch babe.  I don’t think we need a treat right now.”

Miss Silly {matter-of-factly}: “But MOM (drawn out, as my 5-year-old tends to do when exasperated with my motherly lack of comprehension) – I want to do a science experiment. For real!!”

Me: “Oh…”

My dilemma:  A)  Let her have the treats and thus encourage her love of all things science (knowing of course that this is at least 50% ploy) OR B) Tell her “NO” in efforts to keep her diet sort-of healthy??

My choice: Let her have them!!  Who could resist a request for SCIENCE (or this cute face)?

Miss Silly Sweets Science


For her:  A simple lesson on diameters (i.e. a Dark Chocolate Mint marshmallow has a larger DIAMETER then a vanilla chip:)

Marshmallow Science

For me:  That I’m a COMPLETE SUCKER for any request that includes “a science experiment.”  Oh, and that my 5-year-old is pretty darn smart to concoct a scenario that would ensure sweets!

Have a great weekend everyone!

Blue Skies, Science-related “Lies”,  & Blessings,



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