To Our Veterans…

A HUGE thank you for the sacrifices you’ve made for our dear country.  Your service and dedication (and that of your family) is appreciated beyond words.

I’d actually planned to post something about D and I’s military experience – he served 5 years in the US Army, 3 of which while we were dating, engaged, and then married.  I’m sure it would have been moving (or it was while I was sort-of drafting it in my head:)…

BUT we were blessed with a 71 degree day in mid-November.  Anyone from the upper Midwest knows that you HAVE TO take advantage of such a gift.  D was busy refinishing our stairway (poor guy) so I got to take the kids to the park WITHOUT JACKETS!!!

We did get to say Happy Veteran’s Day to an older gentleman that walked by the park with his WWII Veterans hat on:)  He seemed surprised – this makes me sad.

This morning Miss Silly made her Dad a card though.  You and I might be thankful for the liberties and freedoms our Veterans protected.

Miss Silly??

Who knows??  Maybe our right to wear crazy outfits anytime we want OR our right to carry over-sized handbags?  D thought it looked like some sort of ceremonial traditional European garb:)

Leave it to a 5-year-old girl to bring flowers and handbags into a Veteran’s Day card!!

All joking aside – thank you to all of America’s Veterans regardless of rank, branch, or dates of service.  Our country would not be what it is if you had not protected it.

Blue Skies, Pumpkin Pies, and Blessings,



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