The Princesses are shopping WHERE???

I do not like playing Barbies.  AT ALL.

I’ll dress them and I’ll do their hair.   But play with Barbies with the girls??  I just don’t like it. 

Maybe its because Miss Silly really just wants me to do/say/play however she chooses (aka I’m pretty much her Barbie mouthpiece).

Maybe its because the scenarios the girls concoct at this age are tedious, themed on princesses, and can be quite redundant.

Doesn’t matter really, point is I often tell the girls that I will color, craft, play games, do puzzles, snuggle, bake, go for walks, etc. with them but I DO NOT like playing Barbie so they’ll have to play by themselves.

Halloween morning though I got sucked in.

How you ask??  Miss Silly decided the Princesses needed to go shopping.  Not just shopping though….they needed to go to the “store where you buy stuff that other people had before you.”

Barbie Princesses going thrifting – I can feel that game:)

Here’s the shop lay-out created by Miss Silly:

Notice how she’s used the doll-house furniture to stage the clothing?  Pretty cute (and creative).

So, for a good half hour we played thrift store Barbie.  Loodle and I would bring in our old dresses and pick out new dresses.  Often our new duds were selling for less than we made on our trade-ins – SCORE!!  Cinderella couldn’t get enough of these awesome steals.

Lessons Learned:

1.  There ARE indeed some Barbie scenarios that I can have fun playing:)

2.  You know you are a thrifty mama when your kids’ Barbies are shopping second-hand.

Cutest part of the morning??  When Miss Silly explained to Loodle that we go to thrift stores for some of our stuff because “its better for the planet and we want to help the planet.”  We’re definitely not extreme tree-huggers (I {heart} my mini-van) but knowing our 5-year-old is environmentally aware…score one for the home team!

This is the best picture of the girls I could get that morning.  They were heavily involved in their game and NOT AT ALL interested in getting their photos taken.  Notice the pants Miss Silly is wearing?  I got those at a garage sale when I was pregnant with her for 25 cents:) 

Have a great Friday everyone.  Remember to…

Have Fun & Be Silly

Blue Skies, Pumpkin Pies, & Blessings,



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