“GRANDPARENTS” – Weekly Theme #2

First time here?  Here’s the skinny – I do daycare (mostly my own kids), we do weekly themes…these are the activities we either accomplished or meant to:)  You can read a brief review of my approach to daycare and weekly themes OR just peruse for fun grandparent-themed activities.  Want to see other weekly themes?  You can check them out here.

“GRANDPARENTS was the theme of our second week of daycare this school year because Grandparent’s Day was the following Sunday (Sept.9th) .  This was a short week due to Labor Day so we crammed as much in to Tuesday through Friday as possible.

We are blessed to live in a town with an AMAZING library.  They provide “story-time kits” to members.  These include multiple books and various other activities.  I have tried to get kits that relate to our themes when possible.  This doesn’t always work out – either there is not a kit that corresponds OR its not available – but when it does it makes my life so much easier.  I still look for additional activities to supplement but it provides a good starting point.  Thankfully, the GRANDPARENTS kit was available.

Main objective (learning point) for the week?  Grandparents are a BLESSING and should be LOVED, RESPECTED, and CHERISHED.

All of the books below came from the Library…I realized we do not have a single book about grandparents (the shame:).  I’m trying out a new method for the book review – BUY IT, BORROW IT, SKIP IT – pretty straightforward I’m thinking:)  Here are the books we read:

Bag I’m Taking to Grandma’s – by Shirley Neitzel       BORROW IT

Cute book, decent illustrations.  The author uses “simple cumulative verse and rebuses” (Amazon description) to build the story about the many, many things the young boy “needs” for going to Grandma’s.

Lots of Grandparents – by Shelley Rotner                    BORROW IT (hesitant)

The positives – real life photos emphasize diversity in people.  The downside – at least for my kids the pictures were more like great-grandparents.  Not a big deal but they couldn’t relate it AT ALL to their own grandparents.

Hello, Goodbye Window – by Norton Juster              BUY IT

I loved these illustrations!!!  So pretty and fun.  The story was great also.  My own grandma ALWAYS stood at the window when we were leaving (even as teenagers) and would wave until we were out of sight.  Made me nostalgic:)

Song and Dance Man – by Karen Ackerman              SKIP IT

I wanted to like this book…the illustrations are great – but I just couldn’t get into the story.  This was another book in which the grandpa was more in line with a great-grandpa figure for my kids (except for the whole song-and-dance part!)

Grandfather and I – by Helen Buckley                      BORROW IT

I thought the story was really cute – about the bond between a young boy and his grandpa.   The illustrations were not a style I appreciate – too life-like but not (if that makes sense).

Guess Who, Baby Duck! – by Amy Hest                   BORROW IT (Buy It – If I found it used)

CUTE!! Again, the illustrations aren’t awesome but pretty cute – a series of snap shots of the Baby Duck that her grandpa uses to cheer her up on a sick day.  The girls liked it alot so I would buy this book if I found it thrifting, just wouldn’t splurge on it new.

Math & Science

“They’re HOW old??” Count Age is obviously a hard concept for young children.  We planned to use math cubes (you could use beads, beans, etc.) to show the difference between the children’s age, a parent’s age, and grandma/grandpa’s ages.  I wouldn’t focus on precise numbers but rather the imagery of a few years, more years, and a lot of years.  Miss Silly would have loved this – she is all about counting to large numbers these days.  Unfortunately the day I planned to do this during rest, this happened:)

Fingerprint comparison – We used the theme of grandparents to discuss how each person is unique…unique family, unique physical appearance, unique body, etc.  We briefly talked about fingerprints (and stamped some – of course).  The question – “Does your fingerprint match your grandparents?”  The answer – “No, because everyone – EVEN FAMILY MEMBERS – are unique.”

Kitchen & Home

I LOVE it when kids make up their own games, don’t you??  Miss Silly is really good at this…especially if it allows her to be the leader (aka bossy.)

Their game this week?  They were Grandmas with a TON of grandchildren – who all listen attentively to the girls, of course.  In the picture below the “grandkids” are all listening to Miss Silly pontificate about who-knows-what:)

Crafts & Art

Grandparents Day Cards– Miss Silly (5) LOVES making cards for people!!  Loodle (3) does as well but doesn’t have quite the attention span.  We just used crayon (their FAVORITE medium) but markers, colored pencil, etc. are all fair game of course.  Sometimes I like to add things to their drawings (either digitally or scraping) but Miss Silly wanted to write on this particular card.  Pretty good, huh?

Cards for “Senior Saints” – We have an amazing church that provides names and address of church members that can no longer make it to service – our “Senior Saints”.  We didn’t do this specifically for Grandparent’s Day but have been trying to make cards for these dear folks each month.  I always include a note with the kids’ handmade cards.  It doesn’t always happen but I know the recipients appreciate it when it does.  (We once received a thank you that was obviously made from multiple cards the woman received crafted into a beautiful response.  You should have seen the girls beam:)  Half-hour of coloring fun – worth alot…teaching the kids to care about others – priceless!!  I’m sure any local seniors organization could point you to some folks who would appreciate a card if your interested.

Coloring Sheets – The girls love coloring which means we print out and color ALOT of coloring sheets.  There are lots of free coloring pages on the internet- I’m planning to post a list of my favorites (those without log-ins, easy to print, good size, etc.) soon.   This theme though was hard to find good coloring sheets for because my kiddos grandparents are still relatively young.  All of the coloring sheets I found were closer in appearance to their great-grandparents.  Not a big deal but they weren’t to interested.

Handprint Bookmarks (TAKE-HOME GIFT) – Not much cuter than little handprints, right?  How about little handprints turned into a bookmark using cute scrapbook paper?  Absolutely adorable!!  You can find out how I made them by clicking here.



This was provide in the Storytime Kit but originally from Family Education.  Make sure to switch up your voice and add hand gestures:)

Grandmother’s Glasses

These are Grandmother’s glasses,
This is Grandmother’s hat;
Grandmother claps her hands like this,
And folds them in her lap.
These are Grandfather’s glasses,
This is Grandfather’s hat;
This is the way he folds his arms,
And has a little nap.


I didn’t find any specific CD’s about Grandparents but opted instead to listen to music from when the kids’ grandparents were young.  You can always find good Oldies and Classic Rock stations at Pandora or create your own playlists (with VIDEOS – yeah!!) on YouTube.  The girls got a kick out of watching some of the old live performances.  I should mention though that we listen to Oldies alot anyway so they might have enjoyed it more than kids without any exposure to this genre of music would have:)


We all know “She’ll Be Comin’ Around the Mountain”, right?  Just switch it up, as suggested in the story time kit.  They provided an internet reference but I kept getting an error message when I typed it in:)  You can “switch” to Grandpa on some versus as well.

Grandma’s Coming

Grandma’s coming soon to visit, yes, she is.
Grandma’s coming soon to visit, yes, she is
Grandma’s coming soon to visit,
Yes, she’s coming soon to visit.
Grandma’s coming soon to visit, yes, she is.

Additional verses:

She’ll be driving a new car when she comes.
She’ll be flying in an airplane when she comes.
Oh, we’ll be so glad to see her when she comes.

She’ll bring me fun presents when she comes. (My addition)
Grandma & Grandpa are coming to visit. (My addition)

Cartoons & TV Shows

We only use Netflix for our “TV viewing pleasure” – all episode numbers correspond to how they have them listed.  I have noticed discrepancies between Netflix and other episode lists (ex. Wikipedia).

  • S2:E1 – “Rowdy’s New Rigg/Grandpa Treadwell” (Chuck & Friends)
  • S1:E13 – “Grandma’s House” (Dora the Explorer)
  • s14:E8 – “Arthur Unravels / All the Rage” (Arthur) – First clip is about learning to knit from his Grandma:)
  • S4:E26 – “Fingerprints, Beakmania & Flatulence ” (Beakman’s World)
    • Miss Silly LOVES science shows – Beakman is one of her favorites:)  A stretch for the weekly theme but we DID talk about fingerprints so I thought it worked.
  • The Berenstain Bears – “Week at Grandma’s”  – YouTube, here.


Heidi (1937) – Starring Shirley Temple, Directed by Allan Dwan

My girls LOVE dancing, fun outfits, singing, and other little girls…pretty much this movie had it all PLUS a mean-turned-nice grandpa!  I doubt all kids would like it as much but my 3 and 5-year-old girls LOVED IT.  I like it as well – my husband read his Kindle:)  He did say he’d seen it at least a few times growing up (it was my first time).

Friday Fun Food – (i.e. take-home treats)

Cinnamon Sugar-Dusted Peanut Butter Popcorn Balls –  Trying saying that 10 times fast!  Why popcorn balls for Grandparents Week?  Well. a) they were my mom’s favorite treat from last year and b) grandparent-shaped sugar cookies just didn’t sound appealing:)  These came out DELICIOUS!!!  Just a word of caution…if your “helpers” are not  very observant you’ll need to double check that all of the old-maids (i.e. unpopped kernels) make it out of the bowl of popcorn before mixing.  I had to emergency text my clients a warning – no broken teeth on my watch:) 

So, that’s our week in a nutshell. For fun, here is a picture of our entry way and my weekly themed “tablescape” – pretty simple this week:

Hope this provides some fun activities for all of you hard-working ladies and gentleman who spend your days (and/or nights) surrounded by littles.  Please help them cherish their grandparents – they won’t have any others!

Why theme?  Why NOT!!!  As I often tell my kiddos, the point of it all is to…

Have Fun & Be Silly!!

Thanks for stopping by, Lindsey

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9 thoughts on ““GRANDPARENTS” – Weekly Theme #2

  1. Melissa Smith says:

    As a former kindergarten teacher, thank you for covering all subjects in your preschool classes! Your rock, Lindsey

  2. Kathie (Krafty Kat) says:

    Wow, so many great ideas in one place! Thanks for sharing this and we should all spend some time learning more about our grandparents. There is such a special relationship between grandparents & their grandchildren.

  3. Samantha says:

    New follower and I love all of these!! My Bubba is celebrating his first Christmas this year, which means so are his grandparents! Time to make some of this stuff/do some of these things! Thank you!

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