The Cowardly Lion that WASN’T {and other Halloween (mis)adventures}

Halloween this year was FULL of “adventures” (or the crazies?)  I thought I’d share – because things are always funnier from this side, right?

Our theme this year??  The Wizard of Oz – the obvious choice since we had a hand-me-down Dorothy costume that fit Loodle:)

The plan?

Miss Silly = Glinda the Good Witch

Loodle = Dorothy

Little Man = The Cowardly Lion

Mom = The Wicked Witch (or the “Bad” Witch as the girls continue to call it:)

Dad = Dad (We thought about making him the Wizard but D was NOT feeling it!)

In actuality?

Dressing up for Grandma’s work – No costume for Little Man.  He had a SEVERE case of the GRUMPIES.  Thankfully it wasn’t contagious and the girls still had fun.

Halloween Night – No costume for Little Man.  He had a SEVERE case of CROUP:(

Yep, that’s right…an hour before trick-or-treating Little Man and I spent 30 minutes in the clinic getting him nebulized (if its not a word it should be!) and a steroid injection.  We were then on notice that we needed “to be ready to bring him to the emergency room at any minute.”

I don’t know about you but nothing says festivities like worrying about the amount of oxygen in your son’s blood stream and checking for blue-tinged lips, right?

It ended up a good night though… he improved dramatically and was able to go trick-or-treating (fresh air is good during a case of croup according to the doctor) but wanted NOTHING TO DO with his costume!!

Trick-or-treating with the girls?

Super fun, except for the last 15 minutes… poor Glinda obviously should have had her dress hemmed and took 2 pretty big tumbles. The kind were you hear their knees hit the pavement.  Dorothy opted for her Ruby Slippers over her normal shoes (against the “Bad” Witch’s advice) even though they were a little too big so needed to be carried the entire way.  Lets just say we couldn’t get them home soon enough!

Lessons Learned:

  1. Croup sucks – no better way to say it!
  2. ALWAYS take pictures of your kids during costume dress rehearsals because who knows if you’ll get them in it again.  I had to force Little Man into his costume this afternoon just to make sure I had a picture for the future.  Don’t let the pictures deceive you – he wasn’t too happy about it:)

All in all though – pretty great evening.  It’s the “crazy” times that I always remember anyway so bring them on!!

A few more cute photos just for kicks:

Thanks for taking a look!

Blue Skies, Pumpkin Pies, & Blessings,



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