My little poolside phrase-mangler!!

As the days get shorter, the weather cooler, and the fall and winter holidays quickly approach I am just a wee bit nostalgic for this past summer.  One of the big benefits of living next to my  mom and dad (other than their wonderful company, of course)?  Their gorgeous pool!!

Miss Silly just turned 5 earlier this month.  This past summer was the first where she was VERY comfortable in the pool.  Along with all this super fun pool time came some super C-U-T-E phrase-mangling.  Phrase-mangling, for those of you not familiar with my particular vernacular, is when one completely butchers a common phrase.  I am a queen phrase-mangler…as you’ll soon see my daughter is following in my footsteps.  The Phrase-mangling Princess if you will:)

Some of her ridiculously adorable poolside examples:

  1. “Come on Mom, let’s go BASH IN THE SUN” (aka “bask in the sun”).

  2. “I’m becoming an expert at SHREDDING WATER” (aka “treading water”).

  3. “I’m going to use Grandpa’s GOBBLERS to see under water!!” (aka “googles”)

I sure love that little lady – butcheress of phrases or no.

Have a great weekend everyone!

Blue Skies & Blessings, Lindsey


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