Bee-Day Party

Loodle- or Honeybee, as she’s called by her daddy – turned 3 in July!  A bee themed party seemed only appropriate.

I’ve just recently delved into birthday party planning.  While working as an architect I was BUSY – as in limited decorations, a quickly “decorated” cake, and barely wrapped gifts.  I was happy when I a) made it home at a reasonable time on the girls’ birthdays AND b) had cakes made (or bought).

That’s not to diminish the things I have on my plate as a stay-home-mom and daycare provider.  It’s just much easier to contemplate cute birthday party ideas while doing your third (and fourth and fifth) round of dishes, cleaning up the toys that are all over the floor, or changing diapers then when your working on building details or interfacing with clients.

Anyway – point is it’s a new found pleasure and one that I can see me indulging with frequency…or at least three times a year!

Only problem?  I didn’t want to (and can’t) spend a ton on expensive, single use party favors.  Thus my mission was to create a cute party for under $50 (not including food and gifts.)  I came pretty darn close at $53!  Most of you would get bored with the breakdown but since I do lists I’ve attached it here (Honeybee Party Cost Breakdown) for those of you who are interested.

A few of my favorite parts included:

Honeybee Jug & Candle

I found the jug at Saver’s ($4) while looking for a cake plate (which I of course did not find:) – it’s adorable and will make a cute pitcher for future kid activities.  I’m imagining lemonade at Grandma & Grandpa’s.  The candle I spotted (and quickly impulse bought) at Target.  I LOVE this candle and have since used it as a “year-round” decoration.

Bee-Day Sign

I knew I was going to make a sign and had bought the poster board at the Dollar Store in preparation but didn’t have it planned out.  I made it during naptime the day before – lettering could be better but it was free-handed (is that a word??).  The hive and bee stripes were an impulse add that I think worked out.  Total cost – $1.50.

Daddy’s Little Honeybee

One piece of scrapbook paper + simply scrumptious photo + old photo frame and bee wood sticker = personalized decoration.  This is up in our kitchen now and has started a new mandatory birthday party decoration.  Miss Silly had a rainbow party (will post soon) and kept asking if hers would say “Daddy’s Little Rainbow” – Rainbow is not her nickname but she didn’t quite grasp the correlation.  Did I mention she’s only 5??

Hive Cake

I took the easy way out this birthday and made a box cake.   This was the first time that I baked a cake in a bowl – except for my “practice cake” that I used for cake balls for the 4th  – and I ended up needing two to make a hive of any decent size.  I attempted a striped cake and anticipated success…

BUT apparently pouring layers of cake batter in a bowl actually results in a swirl cake:)  Still pretty just not what I expected.

Honeybee Cookies

I absolutely LOVE having cookies available for pre-cake sweet teeth (sweet tooths?)- mine included!  These are cake cookies (again with the box cake).  The decoration is done using frosting squeezed out of a ziploc baggies – classy I know, huh?  I keep telling myself to invest in decorating tips but then end up passing them up as an unnecessary expense when I’m at the store.  This is where “cheap” is the right description for me – maybe for the next party?  I thought honeybees near the hive cake would be sweet.  The decorating leaves something to be desired but combined with the cake it was pretty darn cute.

Loodle’s Outfit

Finding an affordable honeybee outfit – impossible.  I saw some really, really cute dresses on Etsy but they were way out of our price range, especially since this little lady has been turning her nose at dresses lately so multiple wears was questionable.  I found this shirt at Target ($9) and added an iron-on patch from Jo-Anne’s ($3).  The headband was part of Miss Silly’s Christmas outfit two years ago.  I just added a honeybee 3D sticker and called it good.  Her smile here completes the ensemble wouldn’t you say??

All in all a great party.  The most important thing – she LOVED it.  Loodle’s favorite present?  Her honeybee backpack of course:)

Thanks for stopping by!!

Blue Skies & Blessings,


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10 thoughts on “Bee-Day Party

    • If I had a million hours... says:

      Thanks Mary – I’d take them off your hands for sure:) Now I can decorate future cakes AND keep being cheap about it!!

    • If I had a million hours... says:

      Thanks for the kind words – much appreciated!! I’m pretty sure she enjoyed the day considering its still discussed 3 months later – pretty long time for the 3-year-old set:)

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