This Boy is on FIRE {Fireman Birthday Party}

The set-up!

Fireman birthday – the set up.

Where did the time go???  I have NO idea but Little Man turned THREE the other week!  I can’t believe it – he is living up to his nickname these days…full of questions, full of adventure and ruckus, and quite the chatterbox.

I opted for a “Fireman Birthday” for two main reasons, none of which are overly sentimental:

  1. Because we had some of the “decorations” (hey, I’m cheap!) – the firetruck was a gift from his grandparents a while back, the dalmatian puppy we’ve had around, and even the fire hat was in our dress-up clothes stash.
  2. I have some themes I’d like to save until he’s older and has friends invited.  We opt to keep the party really small until age 5 – less work AND less additional toys via gifts.  More toys is something our already full-of-toys house doesn’t need!

Little Man was ecstatic about the affair – nothing beats a three-year-old’s reaction to stuff:

This excited EVEN after seeing the prep work.

This excited even after seeing the prep work.

He wasn’t able to nap from excitement AND I couldn’t distract him enough to stay out of party central so he saw the set-up before it was complete but was still over-the-moon excited when it was “all done, right Mom?”

I decided to make a home-made cake this time around.  In the past I’ve tried to do a”fancy” decorated cake (like this Ladybug Cake or Miss Silly’s Rainbow Cake) but I’m always doing them last minute AND I have not researched and/or practiced cake decorating techniques so the results are typically cute but mediocre.  One thing I can do well?   Make a cake and frosting from scratch!  So, I stuck with what I know.  This cake was AWESOME and I thought the mini-chocolate chips sort-of resembled dalmation spots – or at least thats what I convinced the kids of!  For the cake topper I made the fire hat out of paper and stuck it into the cake with popsicle sticks.

The Cake

I wrapped his gifts in brown paper and added simple “windows.”  Miss Silly added the doors – I dig the 3-dimensional effect!  Just a bit of red, orange, and yellow paper to create the flame and – ta da – buildings on fire!  I really, really liked this part of the decorations.  Plus Miss Silly helped which made it more fun.  She helped a ton with party decoration – as our budding artist she really gets into the creative side of things.

The gifts - all wrapped up!

The gifts – all wrapped up and on fire!

Notice the “Fire Man” drawing on the table in front?  Its a coloring book Miss Silly made for Little Man.  All but the front page were black-and-white drawings of fireman gear for him to color.  It makes this mommy smile when the kiddos do nice things like this for each other!

I got lucky on Little Man’s outfit:

Already owned - the first piece of clothing that he picked out for himself:)

Already owned – the first piece of clothing that he picked out for himself:)

Fireman overalls - found while thrifting for $3!!

Fireman overalls – found while thrifting for $3!!

Some more pics:

One happy mommy, one happy boy.

One happy mommy, one happy boy.

Our little family - so blessed to have our THREE year old boy.

Our little family – so blessed to have our THREE year old boy.

It was a great afternoon and evening. Grandpa & Grandma were able to join, we got in a walk, Little Man was really, really excited, and all of the kids stayed happy.  Can’t get much better…except for the fact we got to eat STEAK!  {Little Man’s favorite food – he’s not spoiled or anything, huh?}  This was a whole lot yummier then past requested birthday fare – think Mac-n-Cheese, Cheetos, etc.  Life is GREAT!

Thanks for taking a look!

Blue Skies & Blessings, Lindsey

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I choose RUNNING!! {Treadmill Cheat Sheet}

Lately I’ve been trying to own my decisions about how I spend my time.  I HATE feeling like time just slips by and all I’m doing is the same-old things.  Granted I have chores to do, errands to run, etc. but sometimes as an adult it feels like that is all there is – which kind of sucks!

So, 4-5 days a week since late March I choose to run instead.  For as long as it takes me to do the miles I have planned for that day I put the other stuff aside.  No more excuses, no more complaining about exercise.  I just do it!  And, it feels great {rewarding, awesome!!}

We did kick-start my re-entry into running by buying a treadmill.  While I prefer to run outside and try to at least two times each week, the treadmill allows me to sneak in a run whenever the opportunity presents itself.  Typically this is right before dinner OR after the kids are in bed during the school year (i.e. when I do daycare during the day) This summer I’ve occasionally gotten a run in during nap as well.

Now that the running habit has been established I’m trying to work on speed.  To facilitate this I created a treadmill cheat sheet so that I can quickly see what my mile per hour speed equates to as a mile pace. 

Treadmill Cheat SheetThis is getting laminated and stuck on my treadmill.  Feel free to print and use for your own training as well :)

I added the saying on the bottom after seeing it on Pinterest – love the sentiment!

I choose RUNNING!  For my mental sanity, my physical health, and to be part of a community of people focused on something good.

Blue skies & Blessings,